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David Byrne Concert

So, the night with David Byrne and Tosca Strings on the Pier was very good. I'll let cindygerb describe most of it since she did a better job than I could. One of the best parts of the evening was the last song where he and his band did a live adaptation of a remix of his song "Lazy". I don't think I've heard anyone do that before. It looked like they created a new instrument for it too. Very nifty. It was a very good thing to share this with Cindy; Yay!!

I was also pleased to see other people there last night. Both people from the 'Spot as well as someone that I used to work with who I've seen at a number of other events too...

Near the beginning of the concert, I was watching the sunset and wishing that I could take a picture of it. The clouds were causing the setting sun to strip itself very fetchingly. But I'd need a better camera than I have to be able to do it any justice. And then they wouldn't've let me bring that camera in. Well, in Seattle at least, this isn't a problem since we regularly get spectacular sunsets...
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