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Me, showing much homeowner mojo

I've been meaning to post this for a while but I just hadn't gotten to it...

As I mentioned on the 30th, when I went to replace the wax seal on the main level toilet, I found out that it didn't have a toilet flange. I can tell you that I was quite pleased. As I mentioned on the 30th, the only way that we could have the toilet ready for the last Games day was to do it myself. I actually succeeded although it was really 7.30p when I finished.

I followed some of the directions here as well as a few other places. The problems seemed to be legion: 1) I was going into cast-iron instead of PVC; 2) I had to drill through tile to secure the flange (tile/glass drilling bits needed); 3) I needed masonry screws since it was masonry, not wood below the tile; 4) the toilet flange only fit _without_ the seal and so I had to use silicon to seal it on; and 5) the wax seal I had was wrong and I had to replace it. After overcoming all these obstacles, the actual installation was pretty easy. It's been up and running for 8 days now and there are no leaks and everything works fine.

I learned quite a bit about toilets doing this. I feel good that I was able to fix this without calling in a professional. Plumbing is a lot harder than electrical work.
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