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Introversion / Extroversion

Whenever I take just about any of the various Myers-Briggs tests, I just about always test as an Extrovert. While it does seem that way to many people, I would say instead that I am an Introvert. While it is true that I have a need to interact with people, I have a very strong internal dialogue. While I like hearing what other people think about my ideas, I don't need to bounce them off people to hear what I think.

I had planned on posting much more of what has been happening with me in terms of processing over the last two weeks but I find that I process it best internally and when I try to write about it, it just doesn't make any sense, the words don't hang together. I could post some of it but it just wouldn't make sense without a lot of backstory that I just can't transmit. I could possibly explain it in person but text leaves out so much of the communication medium.

So, no matter what the tests say, I am an Introvert. If you care, you can look up the term reaction formation.
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