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Difficulties in finding a flag stand

So, you'd think that it would be relatively easy to find a flag stand wouldn't you? Well, if what you want is a bracket that you put on the house, you'd be mostly right. Even that was difficult.

Why did I want a flag stand? Well, cindygerb had the idea of flying a gay pride flag and a peace flag at half mast due to the election yesterday. I refuse to fly an american flag at half-mast since no one died; it's just a set-back.

So, I tried at some places on Broadway where I bought the gay pride flag but was unable to find it there. So, I figured I could find it at Fred Meyer. No dice. Same for Eagle Hardware (né Lowes) and Home Depot. They suggested a smaller hardware store. I tried Ace Hardware but they were closed. So, then I went to Target which didn't even have flags. They sent me to GI Joe's which had flags but only mounting brackets. As a last resort in North Seattle, I tried Display and Costume. The clerk there was really surprised that I couldn't find them as well. So, tomorrow, I'll try Hardwicks and All the King's Flags. There must be some somewhere.
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