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Update on the fun with our car

So, I thought I would update on what has happened with the car. I was able to drive cindygerb in just fine this morning but then, as I was pulling out from her place of work, I noticed that the battery meter was not real happy. So, I started driving north towards home and it dropped below 8 or so, off the scale. I was able to drive quite a ways north on I-5 but eventually, I had to call AAA. They responded amazingly quickly; in 17 minutes. The friendly fellow then dropped off the car at our mechanic in the U-District. I walked over to the nearby coffee shop and then the nearby bookstore and waited. The lovely and smart mokie_sassafras picked me up and dropped me home. Yay for friends! So, I'm home safe and cindygerb has said that she wants to take the bus home tonight.
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