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Pretzel Rolls!

There is this place in the Ravenna District of Seattle called MorningStar Bakeries. We found it back when we lived in the University District. It's an old-style German Bakery with an old style German Baker running it. They have a variety of excellent pastries including real pretzels, real poppy-seed danish, and yummy delicious pretzel rolls. I used to get the pretzel rolls regularly and take them to events I was going to. They were very popular. I was very disappointed when I went to the bakery one day and there was some woman there doing a catering business with some baking. She said the baker had gone to Germany and wouldn't be back.

I was very glad that she was wrong. On Friday, I heard that pretzel rolls were available again when I was at Whole Foods. I went down there and there was the german baker again. He even said that he remembered me and asked if I wanted some pretzel rolls. It seems that he hadn't gone back to Germany but had instead been around the state and Idaho instructing people on how to set up a bakery. The woman that had been catering wanted to go back and work in a kitchen again and he wanted to do baking again, so he was back. Yay! I took some to an event on Friday night and again they were popular. I need to remember to take unsalted ones too though.
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