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Too much warmth

I'm glad that the weather is getting cooler for now and this weekend while it is hot, I won't be here. Even yesterday's 77° was a bit much for me. I take this icon as a promise rather than what the books mean. Still, I am looking forward to November 8th. The heat tires me out much more than I think it should. I was very amused when there had been much heat and two late night deployments such that I sent an e-mail to my group at work with a subject line of
Deploy of fix for problem we are discussing that we have
I hadn't realized what I had sent until someone replied with the defect #'s that I'd asked for and I exclaimed, "I wrote that?" A few comments were then heard from the peanut gallery. Well, off to pack and get otherwise ready.
Tags: chatty, notes to universe
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