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Wrapt in Crystal by Sharon Shinn

I finished reading Wrapt in Crystal by Sharon Shinn. It's a murder mystery about spirituality, religion, and relationships. All three are very good torin-topics. There were a few passages that struck me particularly. I'm going to hit two of them that seemed to particularly describe me.

I read the first one and was definitely struck by how much it described me and I'm not sure how much I liked that it did:
You're a real nice guy to be around. It's like you decided a long time ago that what you do and feel isn't too important, so you'll concentrate on everyone else instead.
Wrapt in Crystal, Sharon Shinn; p. 85.
I've had three people say this sounded like me, including myself. It's less that what I do and feel isn't important and more that I've spent quite a bit of time finding ways to be more flexible in terms of my happiness. My happiness still has to come first since I can't help others if I'm not already happy with me. But the ways in which I can be happy are rather varied and fluid. It also makes me happy to see others be happy. I know that if I don't watch myself that this can become a trap but I've got a bit of experience with it and I keep my senses open.

The second quite is also descriptive of me and what I do in my everyday life:
I have too much affection in me to bind it up in one person — I have so much to give, so much I want to get back. I want to get as close as I can to the people I love — I want to absorb them and understand them and make them a part of me. It seems artificial to me to choke off that love, to deny it, when no one is hurt by it and everyone is — uplifted.
Wrapt in Crystal, Sharon Shinn; p. 178.
As you may've noticed, I do have a life-partner and no other relationship can impinge on that. But at the same time, I sure do like people a lot. Especially my friends and chosen family.
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