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Snaps cup leme

Yes, you've seen it elsewhere. This is from forestdweller who pulled it from hothead.
Here's your ego boost for the day - it's a "Snaps Cup Meme". Post your username in a comment. People will then reply to you ANONYMOUSLY and tell you something they like about you. It must be a positive comment and it must, must, MUST be posted anonymously. Works best if you comment to other people as well as receive comments.
Anonymous posting on. IP logging off.

k_crow had the wise idea of consolidating in one place while maida_mac also notes that it shouldn't be just be about me. List yourself to get compliments.

It occurred to me that since the commenting is anonymous, that I could re-leave the beautiful anonymous comment that someone left. I love elegant solutions.

BTW, if you try to reply and aren't sure how to make it anonymous, click the 'More Options' button and you'll be presented with a set of radio buttons allowing you to make your comment anonymous.
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