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Barriers inside of me, Nice things about other people

So, in the Snaps Cup Meme that I did, there was a thread that mentions that I give good hugs but there there is some barrier inside of me. I agree that there is a barrier there. To me, such a barrier is psychologically healthy. There is an inner core to my Self that is intensely my own. The only person to ever share that space is cindygerb and I was surprised when even that happened.

I'm quite willing to share just about all that I have. The "just about" part is important. To maintain my self-identity, I need a place to retreat to where I can be only myself, by myself. There's more to say here but I can't seem to english it. If other people don't do this, I'd be curious as to what they do differently. What other ways are there to maintain self-identity? Is it possible for self-identity to persist without a need to maintain it? What do others think?

One of the best parts of this leme is reading the good things that people have to say about other people. I like hearing good things about myself but I -love- hearing good things about my friends. If folks are interested, more anonymous "things I like about you" comments could be made. There is wilson_lizard, elfric, lunasmiles, nimir_ra_, perlandria, elphie, dreamingcrow, monoman, tylik, mokie_sassafras, and wolflady26. If you've got the time and the inclination, I'd love to read more about what you have to say.
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