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Lunch, buttons, and postly.

I just had mexican food with artistic_chaos and Chris. It was rather nice to see Heather and meet Chris. I was told that since cindygerb and I met Heather last time and I met Chris this time that next time, she and Chris must meet Cindy. Seems like a logical progression to me. After

I'm posting this from a coffeeshop near the restaurant since I wanted tea and a cookie for dessert and work has expressed a preference for less internet traffic from work. I've never tried out Motore Coffee before. The snickerdoodle was too sweet but they have a good black tea that is actually loose and they use a strainer. Bonus points there. I'm using a Mac of some stripe. How do Mac folks get by on 1 button? I'm used to my X-Windows box with 5 buttons plus a scrollwheel. I cope with MS-Windows with only two through much use of the right click. But one button is killer. Others seem to like it, I just don't know it.

It does seem that it can be difficult to post when I haven't posted for a while but once I've posted, it's much easier to post more. Keeping on a roll can be difficult though. Ultimately, it really is for me, so I'll see if I can continue to enlist my self-interest.
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