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Kitaya is not doing well

Kitaya, our dowager princess kitty is on the verge of dying. We don't really expect her to last out the weekend. This is okay really because she's over 20 years old and it's understandable that she'd need to leave at some point. She's got an abdominal tumor and is dehydrated. We've given her some water but definitely not enough. There's the option to operate but that would be similar to operating on a human that over 100 yo. She'd likely not come out of the operation. She's not in pain now. She's been yowling but she stops as soon as we show up and starts purring. She really just seems to want attention right now. I need to write up more about her at some point soon but right now, it's time to go to work.

I'm already accepting of her no longer being an active part of our lives, so condolences aren't necessary but I know that people like to give them anyway. I thought of turning off the comments so as to not get them but I figured that would be rude. :)
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