Sleeping a bit

Wow. It seems that I was sick or something. I wasn't feeling very well for most of yesterday and it just got worse in the evening. Finally I went to bed and slept for fourteen hours. That's pretty much unheard of for me; I must've been sick or something. The most impressive thing is that neither my back nor my hip hurt. Usually if I sleep eight hours or more, I will be in pain. No pain this time.

Still a bit fuzzy brain and my eyes still feel allergic or something but definitely feeling much better.

Life and Dance

On Sunday, my work went quickly and so Christina and I were able to go dancing at ecstatic dance.  It was very good; lots and lots of drums and so it was very danceable from my standpoint.  The three other times I've been to ecstatic dance, the music was less thumpy and more wavy.  While nice, this isn't the best for me and dancing.

One amusing bit was that people actually danced around me as if I was a tree.  Considering that's how people have described my dancing, I was pleased.

Later, after dancing, we went to Zöeyogurt.  I was told this was my first real froyo.  I had mint mixed with apple pie and peanut butter & graham.  It's a good thing we don't live closer to Greenlake.

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friday night

So, after a relatively short software deploy for work, I spent the rest of the night leveling up my dranei death knight Darkchin from 78 to 81.  I'm going through Mt. Hyjal a second time and I'm enjoying it.  But then it's some of my favorite quests in the game.  It's been a long while since I've done something like this and it was fun.

Yes, this is WoW.  I finally got pulled in.  You can blame beamishboy and der zilla if such amuses you.

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Using Livejournal vs using Dreamwidth

Yes, I am trying to post a bit more. I was investigating using Dreamwidth instead of Livejournal but I'm continuing to use Livejournal for two reasons: 1) Livejournal will automatically repost my entries to Facebook where most people seem to've migrated to while Dreamwidth can only post to other LJ clones. 2) There is an android client for Livejournal that lets me easily post from my phone. To do this with Dreamwidth, I'd have to do a mail-in post which is much less convenient.

The idealist and the politician want to post using Dreamwidth but practical matters keep me using Livejournal for now.
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Meeting People

So, yes, I'm trying to post here more. Let's see if I can continue.

I was meeting up with omnifarious on Sunday to talk about some technical things and ended up overlapping a meeting he was having with a fellow named Lion Kimbro. Very interesting fellow. I asked him for his e-mail address. He gave me that, his phone number, a rough sketch of a lion, and a list of concepts: New Societies, Creativity, Science, Python, Imagination, Sex/Free Love, Esoterics, Meaning, Comics, Joy, Ideals, Reality and two societies to investigate: Damanhur and Tamera.

Except for the python, that could be a good list for me. I suspect that we're going to connect up a lot more and get to know each other much better.

Pies and Pints tonight

Went to Pies and Pints to celebrate Brennan's birthday. I'd been there once before but it was about four years ago and I don't really remember it.

The crowd was gregarious and we moved around a lot. The wait staff took this in stride and dealt with us never really being in the same place twice. The lighting and the seating were both pretty good and it wasn't too loud.

I had both the Battered Fish & Chips and the Classic Chicken Pot Pie. The fish and chips were quite good, better than I get most places, properly english battered. Perfect to me would be for it to have more curliques and such in the batter but it was very good. The pot pie was just about perfect even if it seemed a bit small. It was filling but I still wish it was larger.

What was truly surprising was that I rather liked their porter, Dick's Lava Rock Porter. I usually like beer to be thicker but this was good enough for me to have a second glass.

All in all, we had lots of fun. Met up with a number of people that I know and even met some new nifty people.

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