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Dilemmas and Pleasures

Hmmm… There was a going away party for a really nifty fellow from work. I had RSVPed that Cindy and I were going to go. But then, we didn't. Why not?

Well, the ostensible reason was that I was very tired and wouldn't be very good company. I had no Dexedrine for 6p and would've not been a very good conversational partner.

But those are just public reasons that I tell myself because missing someone's going away party is rather tacky. Especially when I've really enjoyed chatting and socializing with the person in question. I think that Cindy and I may need to take him and his wife out to dinner or some such.

The real reason that I didn't want to go was that I wanted to spend this evening with cindygerb and not be distracted by many other people. I really enjoy interacting with other people but there is something very special to interacting with someone one-on-one, especially when they are your life partner. I know that she and I are having problems. I know that she has issues with being thought of as my life-partner if I have otherloves. But none of that impinges on how I feel and the warmth and comfort I get from snuggling up against her and going to sleep.

I know that I'm behind on LJ and there is even someone interesting that wrote a post with the text "I'd appreciate it if you would read this when you get the chance, as it's rather important to me" but I think instead that I'm going to go back in and be with Cindy. I got up temporarily because I was fidgety and she needed more sleep. I'll just read quietly nearby.
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