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Research and thoughts

So as to not go completely ballistic due and because it was cool, I started investigating different types of meditation. Amusingly, this is for my Mage character.

I found a couple good quotes. The first one speaks really well to all the distractions that can come up while meditating. The wondrous visions; the thoughtful knowledges.
The fly that touches honey cannot use its wings; so the soul that clings to spiritual sweetness ruins its freedom and hinders contemplation.
    — Aurobindo
The next one is really something that while I know this, it is at the same time the root of just about all my problems right now. If I had recognized and dealt with my fear, our current issues wouldn't be slapping us in the face.
If you deny the existence of your fault or error, it will strengthen its hold over you. If you recognize it, your awareness will destroy it. He who rejects this will never know the entrance to the Temple.
    — de Lubicz
But then, I do want to make an addendum to this. I still would not go back and change things. My and cindygerb's relationship would not have the depth that it does if we had acknowledged all the problems that we now know exist. Life sure is complicated.
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