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Finally, the ferrets

Sorry to take so long to post about the ferrets. I've not had a lot of free time lately and I wanted to discharge the more personal tasks first.

So, as you've already seen, we got two ferrets, Elton John Ferret and Ringo Starr Ferret. In practice, we just call them Elton and Ringo. Elton was originally going to be named Reginald Dwight Ferret but I didn't want a ferret named Reggie.

Click on the thumbnails to see the full image.

Here we are at the shelter with Tori playing with the two boys:
Who's This? What's over here? He left.  Hmph. Hanging out with Mom

Here are the boys checking out their new home, mainly by sniffing at my feet. I had to take about three times as many pictures as you see to get decent pictures of them.
elton alone ringo alone ringo alone

The way to tell the boys apart is that ringo has a blaze from his forehead to his nose. You can see this on the first picture here.
elton and ringo together elton and ringo together

Things have been going pretty well with them. They are both box/paper trained and haven't been destructive. The only problem that we've had so far is that ringo seems to enjoy being mean to tori. Each time that we hear this, we put ringo in the cage for a timeout. This has happened three times so far. We'll see if he learns.

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