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Disturbing passages

I'm reading 'The New Hugo Winners , Volume III" as I'm trying to all the novellas, novelettes, and short stories that have won Hugos. I'm still missing Volumes I & II of the new set and I don't know if there are future volumes yet. I'll find them eventually.

Hmm. Can you tell that the dexedrine is wearing off and I'm get just a bit rambly? This entry is *really* about a disturbing paragraph in Boobs by Suzy McKee Charnas. Our protagonist is a teenage girl who has physically blossomed early and is being teased roundly for it:
No wonder Edie Siler had starved herself to death in the tenth grade! I understood her perfectly. She was trying to keep her body down, keep it normal looking, thin and strong, like I was too, back when I looked like a person, not a cartoon that somebody would call "Boobs".
I only have a limited intellectual understanding of this but viscerally, it felt like a gut punch. Damn kids sure can suck.
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