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Dim Sum today

Well, we just got back from Dim Sum with a side trip to Costco.

People there were cindygerb, parts of the Wolfstorm clan, lady_serene, mba500, Jayney, jw1776, aekajin2, b00jum, galeogirl, myself, cooncat, angilong, shadowsofgrey, my coworker Laura, and her husband Paul. We ended up split into two tables in the backroom. Smaller turnout this month.

So, yes, you read that right, I finally got to meet galeogirl, b00jum, and Miranda. This was a definite goodness. galeogirl has a lot of power/potency in a small space. I was surprised when I met her since due to her presence, I was expecting her to be taller. We chatted some and talked about Miranda. She was very good throughout the entire meal only fussing a little; in less than a minutes she was calm again. Talked to b00jum a bit as well, wondering about the cross-pollination of various fringe groups.

It was very good to have some of our regular crowd there as well as a few we don't normally see. Everyone left full and it was still on $15/person including a good tip.

Ashcroft! I meant to take pictures of people including those visiting from Portland. Oops. I'll just have to do it another day.
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