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Too much work makes wolfieboy a dull sapient

I've been a bit frustrated because I want to write "real" posts instead of these tiny little things I have been doing but I've been too focused on hitting my deadline at work to have much to say. Bleh.

Tiny little things:
  • I've been reading Kushiel's Dart when I've not been working. I'm really enjoying the political intrigue and the passions of all the different people. It's very well done. I'd been told that it got a bit tawdry into the BDSM scene but I'm up to p. 322 and I haven't seen that much. Maybe I'm jaded about what to expect. Still, I'm loving the book from the machinations of the people involved.
  • APOD seems to save the prettiest pictures for Mondays. It's called Iridescent Clouds and it's very nice.
  • Finally, I am reading all the surface posts that people have been making on my friends lists and I've been occasionally clicking through to the lj-cut but not very often. Even more rarely have I been reading all the comments. I have been reading even if I've been mostly silent.

Oh, and I know that I still have some poll questions to answer. I just haven't been up to writing in depth lately…
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