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Fire Ceremony...

cindygerb and I went to a fire ceremony last night, held by runnerwolf. It was good to see her, k_crow, skydancer, jenk, and kendaer there. We also got to chat with dianthus and jw1776.

So, at the fire, we're supposed to put something in that we need to get rid of; something that we need to burn out of our lives. I chose to burn out the fear that keeps me from communicating. The fear that revealing something is going to "just make things worse". The big problem with this of course is that it always comes out and it's always worse to reveal it later after hiding/not-telling. It's something that Cindy and I have been working on a lot since the problems in December. We seem to be doing a good job and this was an affirmation of that.

In other news, I've got a new phone. More on that later. (a post)
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