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Doing something physical tonight like bowling or miniature golf

As the beautiful and talented cindygerb said
After shopping, we are considering something like miniature golf or bowling, neither of which we have done for quite a while. Is anyone interested in joining us?
Please contact us on the new phone. You've got the number. Or at least if you don't, you can get it at my journal if I have you friended. It won't show up on your friends page though. If I know you and you're not on my friends list, why not? If don't have an LJ account, you can get one by asking me for a code. You don't have to write anything...

[Edit]: It's to be Miniature Golf at Interbay Golf Center (near the Spot) in a couple hours (8pm) followed by dinner at Stella's or Minnie's.

&daggerInsert generic rant on it being called a friends list and the comminglement of "journals I want to read" and "security of who I want to read my journal".
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