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Sick again; pick a friend up from surgery

Well, I'm sick again today. This is really annoying. I'm supposed to be the boy that doesn't get sick. I seem to have swollen adenoids and the top of my throat is very rough. Nothing I do seems to help this much. I've tried Nice, ibuprofen, CTM, large amounts of water, and hot tea. Yet, everytime I swallow it hurts. I feel like Bart Simpson where someone has dared him to touch the stove, so he touches it, goes Ow, touches it again, goes Ow again, etc. Dammit, I'm a hedonist; that means the pursuit of pleasurable sensations. This one isn't real pleasant.

I'm wondering if I should do something nice for my liver. I'm drinking about 4-5 liters of water a day and I've taken about 10 ibu's a day yesterday and today for the muscle aches. The recommended maximum is 6. I need to so that I can remain upright for a period of time. Even now, I get tired after being vertical for 2 hours or so.

So, I picked up a friend from her surgery today. Her doctor was a touch annoying; the doctor ended up being 45 minutes late and somehow this translated into us leaving an hour-and-a-half later than we had originally planned. It wouldn't've been so bad except that I kept getting woken up.
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