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Being social and coming out of hibernation.

So, cindygerb and I have been somewhat social hermits for almost a year now. We had many events that were rather uncomfortable for us and we needed to regroup. I wrote about that on May 6th and September 23rd. The spiralling inward was very good for both of us and I don't know that we would be handling the latest crisis so well if we hadn't done that.

Well, I think that is mostly finished. I would even say that this event heralded it. I do think that we'll probably want to plan ahead a bit more though so that people know about plans more than two hours before. :) We're also going to need to clean up the house. I wouldn't want anyone over here right now due to the mess. At least it's a clean mess rather than food and/or animal -stuff-.

So, we're probably going to be doing more things in the near future.

The problem here, though, is that I've lost touch with many of our friends that we used to be very social with. I didn't invest the energy necessary to keep the friendship active and so it's gone back down to potentialities. Now I have to figure out how to kick start things back up again so that we can be more social with folks. I suspect that the first and most important one is going to events that people are holding and chatting with folks...
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