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Amusing leadnote for story

I finished both Kushiel's Dart and Kushiel's Chosen. I'm resisting buying Kushiel's Avatar in hardback. I can wait or borrow it from friends. :) I've got a post brewing in my head about that but I haven't written it yet...

I'm about to start the Dark is Rising series based off of a comment in palmir's journal. But in the meantime, I'm reading Apostrophe's and Apocalypses; a collection of short stories and essays by John Barnes, he of One for the Morning Glory fame. There are a variety of interesting stories but what I have to share with you is the following lead-in to 'Restricted to the Necessary':
This story got more angry letters than anything I have ever published, including Kaleidoscope Century. Apparently psychopathic killers are a little disturbing and all that, but many more people are just not ready for gay wolf sex.
Lead me not into furry fandom, I can find it myself. *snerk*
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