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I'm not dead. It's just seemed like it.

Really, I do still exist. But I've been exceedingly Morpheutic over the last few days. I've slept 13–15 hours out of the 24 both days. I don't know if it's a death flu like has been reported from some of the East Coast of the USA since my armpits haven't been sore. I've gotten winded going moving very far. I haven't had the energy to MLTC (Make Love To cindygerb — abbreviation for todo lists). I think I'm doing somewhat better even if I'm still really tired. I wonder at the large amount of LJ and e-mail that I haven't read. *whimper*

I have made it to the social engagements that we had scheduled for this week though. Anything that was only a few hours in length was okay. Longer things (gaming, work) I just wasn't up for.

Went to a surprise birthday party for elfric at the Cheesecake Factory in Bellevue. There were some 27 people there or so. The look of surprise, startlement, annoyance, awe, and then love on his face when he saw the number of people assembled for him was amazing. I had an asparagus, artichoke, and portabello mushroom omelet followed by a peanut-butter cup cheesecake. The first was good, the second was excellent but I couldn't deal with that much sugar, so I ate out the inside filling that was flavoured with peanut butter; Yumm! I had fun, chatting and flirting but I really missed cindygerb not being there; she, unfortunately, works every Sunday except for Dim-Sum. I was too tired to go to gaming though and headed home afterwards. Great thanks to Hans, Tamara, and Rhiannon for the ride both to and from. They've successfully resisted LJ so far, complaining of lack of time. I forgot to take pictures, for which I'm still kicking myself.

Had much fun and games with cindygerb at k_crow and lerryn's house after going to eat at Newport Bay. I had grilled halibut with creamy garlic sauce and garlic mashed potatoes; it was delicious. We then proceeded back to their house to play Apples to Apples, k_crow won; I will let it pass without comment which cards I got. We then did two games of Set, I won one and k_crow won the other. Finally on the last game of the night, k_crow won at Waterworks, an old game from the '70s. k_crow claims not to win games much. We'll have to see about that in the future. Oh, and I did get to meet Bandit, their cat. He looked up at me as I left the bathroom, hoping that I had used the human litterbox and not his. I remembered to take pictures here; Yeah!

On Tuesday, we welcomed sar_anon back to the Puget Sound and home. Both runnerwolf and k_crow seemed very happy to have him home. (I'm glad too but probably not on the same scale. :) You'd know him (if you didn't otherwise) from my mention of the magnificent Bed at the Spot, Private Constructs, and Personal Constructs. The welcome-back was at a good Thai place out in Redmond. We got there early and went to Value Village. I found two more silk shirts that were both half-price. At the Thai place, we had much fun and chatting. There were over 20 people in this small place. I thought we were leaving earlier than some but with the goodbye hugs and such, we ended up being the last of our group to leave. I remembered to take pictures here too. As we left, we stopped by a game store, Coyote Games, and picked up Q-turns and Lunch Money. We asked about Guillotine but they didn't have a copy either. Not only is it out of print but no one has a copy either. We made it back home and collapsed.

None. I have been enjoying spending time with cindygerb being home. Her working weekends and me not really cuts into our time together. It's been a great goodness to spend so much time with her the last few days. I think she's nifty!

So, how has your week been?

Gods, the disjointedness of this bothers me but I kept adding things to the different days as I remembered them. I've been at this for an hour already. I think I'll post it this way and accept that it won't win any writing awards.
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