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Seeing Cowboy Bebop take 2

Somehow my entry last night disappeared when/after I posted it, I'm not quite sure how/why. I thought about trying to recreate that post but I'm not sure what I said anymore. I was rather tired.

The movie was lots of fun and very well done. I can even forgive them dubbing it since that seemed to work out well. I'm sorry that cindygerb and I were unable to see it with maida_mac, niac, amai_unmei, and Rob. It occurs to me now that I should've mentioned the idea of going to this and opened up seeing it to more people but I didn't think of that. It's been a crazy week.

The movie was lots of fun. Lots of action. Lots of smartass. Lots of philosophical bs*. I've not seen more than very short clips of Cowboy Bebop in the past. This is going to make em want to be more proactive about seeing more.

It's also very nice to see Delerium getting work after the Sandman series ended.

* This is meant in a positive context. I'm all about philosophical bs. Have any extended conversation with me and you'll see...
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