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Trying to catch up, failing

Well, I don't think I'll ever actually catch up on things and I'm just getting more behind as I try to do so. So, I'm just going to try to forge ahead and comment like I normally do without trying to go back over all the entries I missed. Read as much as I want, you folks make more.

Today is the first day for quite a while that I did absolutely nothing for work.

I thought I was going to be gaming in an interim hack-n-slash D&D campaign that was an interim while the our Mage game is the World of Somewhat Twilight was being revamped. But unfortunately, the GM has cancelled the game. I was enjoying myself but evidently some of the players and the GM were getting frustrated and not having fun. Our GM will be continuing to game but unfortunately it will all be online. One of the major reasons that I play RPGs is for the face-to-face interaction so I won't be joining them.

What I did do though was help tjean and smitty8073 move along with nightinggale and dave_over. Considering that I had to forgo two other obligations lately to work, it was good to be able to help someone move...
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