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Medicine, Drugs, and not-eating

I take 10mg of Dextroamphetamine three times a day to handle my ADD. It works much better than any of the other ADD meds that I've tried. Note that now is not the time to be telling me that I shouldn't take drugs for the ADD. You'll be ignored.

One of the side-effects of the Dexedrine is that it suppresses my appetite. So, I've not been eating very much lately. This makes me tired. This is yet another reason (aside from work suckage) that I've not been posting much.

Must remember to eat. Thankfully, I got good food last night and yesterday morning. Unfortunately, I seem to be in an on-phase which I get into sometimes, especially after physical activity when I haven't done such for a while. Thankfully, I have someone to talk to since kimberly_a is awake as well and we've been talking and trading snarky comments.
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