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Amusing little ditty

Eyes Poppin'I was looking for the new userpic shown at the left to comment on this entry. Of course, I'll be using it for more things in the future. Unfortunately, I don't have an attribution as to where it came from.

The best part of this is that while looking for that, I found the following:
Now, all join together in the song!
[Tune: Beethoven's "Ode to Joy", played on the Stylophone]

"Scamper, Pounce and Scritch and Snuggle,
Find a Wolf and hold him tight;
If you've got a Wolf to cuddle
You'll stay warm all through the night.
Scritch him, hold him, stroke and caress him
Until he whimpers with delight,
For if you've got a Wolf to cuddle
You'll be warm right through the night"

I'm saving that one! Its brilliant ;)

There's more... though i don't have it to paw right now.
It's just about -too- cute but it's too good to pass up. mini-*bounce*

Unfortunately, this doesn't have an attribution either. I'm usually good at noting who made what and such. All I have is the date on the file: November 23, 1998.
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