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A few referrals and A Statement

In my goal to catch up on things, I've accumulated a few posts that I want to draw people's attention to:

First is a follow-on to the disturbing figurine that I posted about last week. Well, rosefox ran with that and made some appropriate modifications to the picture. Thanks to lerryn for pointing this out to me.
See her entries here and here.

digibri is being his usual collective, brilliant self and posted two things I want to mention:
1. Four Lights, a thesis
2. The Pacifist Anarchist. I even incorporated some to this into my userinfo.
If you ever want to cruise a really interesting memories list, his is the one to hit.

In satyrs_lounge, autumnreign wrote up a really sexy story about a unicorn and a non-virgin. (not work-safe but text only)

Finally, As my LiveJournal friends, I EXPECT you to disagree with maida_mac — she would be disappointed with anything else. She said so right here.
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