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Quote of the Day (Hello, I love you.)

I saw the following on branwynelf's journal and it moved me to tears.
Why do we have to go through all this? Why can't we just say, "Hello, I love you, and I plan on doing so for quite a long time, so let's spend huge chunks of life together and snog and shag and laugh and cry just do the happily ever after thing, okay?" and be done with it? Why do we have to play, in agonising turns, Chess, Stratego, Risk...and, ultimately, nine times out of ten, Solitaire?
I really do think it would be much nicer if everyone could do that with their loved ones. I think there are quite a few people reading this who will agree.

Remember that if you're reading this, that I love you. You are a part of the world that is me that is everything, and that's an amazing and awe-inspiring thing.

I want everyone to feel this love for the world. I want it to be easy for everyone to get along and love each other. I know that things aren't this way. I even know that pain and suffering can be necessary to learn. But I wish that those of us who love each other would stop causing each other pain.
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