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Meaning -just- what I said

I generally try to choose my words when I type and even when I speak to mean just what I say. This sometimes leads to hesitancy in my speech and sometimes leads to five-dollar words. But when I say something, that is what I mean and just that. If you see my writing and wonder what I mean by it, *please* ask. For example, if I say nice dress then it means that I like the dress. It doesn't mean, Hey babe! How about you and me go find someplace to get shagadelic!. By liking the dress, I might like the pattern, the cut, the material. If what I mean is that you look good in that dress then I will say something like You look good in that dress. or if I am feeling particularly obtuse, That looks good. The dress looks good too.

So, the two things I'm trying to say about my writing are:
  1. I only mean what the text of the words say. If you want to assign meaning to them, ask!
  2. The reason that I use "fancy" words is not to seem "smart" or such but because a simpler word doesn't fit what I'm trying to say. See point 1.

cindygerb points out that when I'm flirting that I don't mean some of the things that I say. This is true and I'm trying to figure out how to describe the difference. One way it is different is that flirting is a directed comment to a specific person while most of what I say is more general. That doesn't make everything resolve but it narrows the field a lot. Re:
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