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Writing up using the claws last night

So, I had the chance (with some other people) to use my claws last night. I wanted to write down some of the things that seemed to've worked. I'm probably going to add to this as I remember things. The person in question did enjoy themselves although they were mostly lost in one of the other people playing with her.
  • Where flesh rolls up on itself, unroll it and run the claw along the crease so exposed.
  • Run fingernails along skin, run claw along the same trail, smooth hand over area covered.
  • Draw claws down each finger to the meat of the thumb, press point into center of area.
  • Need practice at drawing claws along scalp.
  • Check difference in pressure when using two claw as to whether skipping a finger is good or not. (forefinger for one, either middle finger or ring finger for the other.)

yes, this is one of those document for myself posts.
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