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Bad Intelligence Tests and those who take them

So, I recently took a test that mousme had over in her journal. I wrote a longish comment in her journal that I wanted to reproduce and add to it here:
I got 196 out of 200. But I would say that 177 is wrong on their part.
swagger and panache are very different.
The first is done by someone macho and drunk
The second is done by someone debonaire.

I still don't know what trefa means.
(From cindygerb verbally and then mousme in her journal: "Trefa" is a deformation of "treyf" which is a Yiddish word meaning "not kosher.")

Many times their words are similarities rather than the same. Sometimes there is not even that close of a relation:

supine is just relaxed and laying on your back while lethargic means lacking in energy. You might be supine because you were lethargic but that's different.

agrypnia is a religious all night vigil before a great feast. To call that the same as insomnia is like saying that going to mass is the same as going to a grocery store. After all, in both cases you go into a building.

To decamp is to leave quietly and secretly. Said of those leaving a battle at night as to not face their enemy in the morning. vamoose is similar to skedaddle. It's to leave someplace quickly without regard to secrecy or noise.

I guessed that hybrid vigor is the same as heterosis but only because you replace forms of speech in heterosis and I was guessing that might be a hybrid. It still doesn't make sense.

There was more but I'll leave it at that.

The idea of 'thewy' or 'precocial' actually being words in their own right rather than just off the cuff formations that would only be used in speaking ex tempore sends a shudder down my spine.

I was discussing this with some other people and the only thing we can come up with is that this person found some words that he thought were difficult and looked them up in a thesaurus to match them with other words while not understanding what the words really mean. And for this, you get to derive your intelligence. It seems like you'd more rate your susceptibility to their memes. Furthermore, it propagates the false idea that if you're smart, you must you use difficult words. Plplplplplp!
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