Torin/Darren WhoEver (wolfieboy) wrote,
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Oh, Calloo. Callay

It seems that my Frame Relay Provider is going to be turning off the Frame Circuit very soon now and it could be gone within a few days to a week. He's only got two Frame Customers left at $75 each and the Frame Circuit costs him over $1K/month. He kept talking about getting DSL setup for over a year but they still don't have it.

So, we need to get DSL as soon as possible. Likely, it will be Speakeasy; generally because I've heard generally good things about them. They get generally good review at DSL Reports and are known to be both server and unix friendly. I just need to get it quick. Considering the reported competence of QWest, I'm worried...

Well, the order has been placed. Business grade SDSL 384/384 from They've already given me my first ip address.
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