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*Very* delayed Birthday Posts...

Somehow I got out of the habit of posting Birthday Announcements. I suspect it was during a work crunch. So, I'm going back and doing all the Birthday Announcements that I've missed and try to continue on...

  • Happy Belated Birthday (March 24th) to shannon_a. I'm still getting to know you and I'm liking what I'm getting to know. Thank you for making more personal entries lately.
  • Happy Belated Birthday (March 25th) to perlandria. I'm sorry we've never met you at any of the Pcons we've went to. Hopefully also, our lives won't be falling apart next February. It'd be a nice change. What you post is interesting even if I don't know much about -you-.
  • Happy Belated Birthday (March 25th) to wilson_lizard. You're in the area and we still haven't met. cindygerb and I love having dinner with folks.
  • Happy Belated Birthday (April 2nd) to siouxiequeue. I'd love to see More Sue! posting but I'll take what I get. See you on the 25th.
  • Happy Belated Birthday (April 5th) to javagoth. You're a fellow project-from-hell sufferer. I think we'll both have fun at 'Con this weekend.
  • Happy Belated Birthday (April 8th) to yendi. Thank you for keeping me somewhat in touch with the comics world when I don't have the time to do so myself.
  • Happy Belated Birthday (April 11th) to ein_traum. Neither cindygerb nor I have seen you for so long. Possibly we can get together for dinner at some point. krow and I have been trying to have lunch/dinner for a while and we can just make it four.
  • Happy Belated Birthday (April 15th) to stephanielm. You probably won't see this but I hope you are doing well.
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