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Eris is good to me...

It's good to have Eris on your side when things need to get done even if she makes one's life really interesting at times.

It seems that the telco loop (QWest) has already been installed and confirmed, all in a day. Typically time for this is ten days; for some it can be weeks. Here's the actual message from Covad (through Speakeasy):
2003-04-18 09:55 Through testing the loop with our vendor?s Field Service Technician for Test and Acceptance. We have determined that the loop meets Covad required specifications. This order is now ready to schedule the Covad installation, which will be scheduled within 48 hours.
The actuall DSL install is scheduled for 24 Apr, eight days after I asked for it. I'm impressed...

In other news, Here is a personal audio device. Link is conceptually work unsafe but not a work problem in general.

Finally, for those interested in Cowboy Bebop, it is due out on DVD on June 24.
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