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First night of NorWesCon and Dying/Living for your beliefs

Well, the first night of NorWesCon went pretty well. Chatted with lots of people. Waiting 90 minutes for food at the restaurant. That was okay though since we had good people to chat with during this. Certainly didn't hurt that the both taxqueen and moonpiper were both wearing very enticing outfits with taxqueen directly across from me. :) Got to make schmoopy faces with cindygerb across the table. We were a bit crowded at the table, so I was forced to snuggle between Tamara and jenk. elfric was there in his full regalia that you saw over in his journal. The other people there included Moonstorm, jw1776, kyttin, riverheart, and anansi133.

Saw a variety of other people including one person that surprised me some since I haven't seen her for about five years. Seems she's at least in the hormonal therapy stage of being mtof.

We went to the dance for a while but at midnight, they changed to music that neither cindygerb nor I favored and so we left. We chatted with even more people as we were leaving and we went home. It was lots of fun.

This morning, cindygerb and I were chatting and I mentioned the scene from Babylon 5 in Moments of Transition where Neroon cries out as he is engulfed in flame, "I was born Warrior Caste, but I see now... The calling of my heart... is Religious!" I've always found that a really powerful statement and it imposes itself on my consciousness every few months or so.

It's pretty potent to die for you beliefs. 'Course it's even more important to live for them. cindygerb said that this was a truism among us considering that we'd discussed it before. But it's still important to me and I wanted to mention it. I suspect because I've got a bit of the 'die for your beliefs' meme in me and I consider the second one to be much more important. I wonder about counter-meme structures that get people to die for their beliefs since then those people are no longer living to promote and adapt their thoughts and ideals to the world.

So, I've finished off the work that needed to be done for work and now I'm back off to the con, hoping to make it to the 'How to do a Fantastic Reading' panel.
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