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Saturday at NorWesCon

So, I dropped cindygerb off at her work. Then I stopped by my work. Finished off some things that needed to be done and headed off for the Con. Bought Cindy and I membership for next year. This means that a) we'll be together next year and b) we're taking the time off next year to go to the full Con.
Wandered around some. Hung around some with jenk, non-LJ Liz, maida_mac and niac. Spent some time with sar_anon, runnerwolf, k_crow, and lerryn. lerryn was showing us his new sword (very nice) and said he was going to go visit aladriana. Having only met her briefly a few times, I asked if I could tag along. This was good as I got to connect with her a bit and chat with dianthus and lazyserf.
Somewhere in the middle of this, I was at the dealer room at the Stag and Griffen booth where I got my ruby red velvet shirt with the droopy sleeves. It had a bit of run in it and I asked her what I could do about it. She said she could sew it up if I brought it by. I asked her if she had something similar that I could buy and she found me a beautiful maroon shirt with droopy sleeves with silver thread. Since she had taken off her shirt before for me, it was only fair that I do the same.
I ran into runnerwolf and k_crow again and the former needed help with applying labels to the NorWesCon computer stuff so that when breakdown time came, the rentals could be separated easily from the owned property. The three of us went around doing so. It was amusing and it's always good to help out.

Well, it's time for horizontal aerobics with cindygerb, so I'm going to end this here. It's a bit scattered and it's not complete but hey, that's okay. It's my journal.
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