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The rest of NorWesCon Saturday

So, for the rest of NorWesCon Saturday (which was the rest of the Con for me.)

After visiting with dianthus and aladriana, I went back to the dealer's room to see if my shirt was ready. It wasn't. Stag and Griffen was near Master Jess's booth with various swords and knives including some made of real metal. One of the knives I looked at was 1050 and this one katana with a wood hilt and beautiful wood sheath was 51601. The katana was $350 but was worth every penny. I successfully resisted buying any of the swords and left since the lady with my shirt wasn't back yet.
I wandered around chatting some and it's likely during this time that I had lunch with maida_mac and niac. After lunch, I ran into more people (see a theme here?) and made my way back to the dealer's room. Rita (owner of Stag and Griffen) said that she had finished with my shirt but had left it up in her room. She went back to her room to get it. While wandering around waiting for her, I encountered klicrai and vausstaibh again. Chatted with them some and I was irresistibly drawn back to Master Jess's booth. I finally bought myself a very interesting knife as a consolation prize for not buying the katana. (knife, shirt, and Rita will all have pictures later.) Rita came back with my shirt and I went up to runnerwolf and sar_anon's room for their re-dedication ceremony.
I was touched to be invited to the re-dedication. runnerwolf and sar_anon were married two years prior and through many trials and tribulations were still together now. They each got dressed up and read their vows to each other simultaneously. Then, they asked for those of us that wanted to, to say something. My part was to say that speaking for both cindygerb and myself, we said "Yay!" in a very kermit-esque fashion as he did at the beginning of the Muppet show. Other people said other things that were very touching. (pictures of ceremony will follow later after they're approved.)
Next was the kid's masquerade that Nicky was involved in. I had the phone number for elfric and taxqueen on my phone and I was to call them in half-n-hour to tell them where we were off too. The masquerade ran late like it usually does as well as being broadcast on the hotel TV so we had much fun chatting on the phone with elfric, getting him to wave for the camera and making various amusing and complimentary comments on taxqueen's rather fetching attire. One of the last things we saw before needing to go down for supper was that of taxqueen taking charge of things. We're not sure what she did but it look very effective in getting things organized. At some point along here, k_crow modeled her vinyl dress. She looked very fetching in it and it suited her well.
At dinner, we had myself, jw1776, jenk, runnerwolf, sar_anon, k_crow, and lerryn with taxqueen and elfric joining us a bit later. As good as the service was on friday under trying conditions, the service stunk under easy conditions this time. Ah well. Towards the end of the dinner, moonpiper showed up, which was nice. Unfortunately, there were some issues with someone being deliberately obtuse that affected people at the table. This was dealt with some although it seems to be an ongoing problem.

After dinner, I headed upstairs with k_crow, sar_anon, and runnerwolf to get my backpack from their room. We had an interesting talk about social interactions, polyamory, and learning things about people. One topic that came up was that while hearing things about third parties is something to take under advisement, decisions about people should really only be made when one has direct knowledge. This seems to me to be the safest route, avoiding miscommunication. Each of the others agreed with this. (Well, actually I agreed with one of them and the others did too but it's about the same.) To those involved in the discussion, please tell me if I'm misstating. I'd be interested in what others think of this as well. (if you read this far)

I left from there to pick up cindygerb from her shift at the 'Spot as a shadow-DM. It was good to see her. I'm not used to so much socializing without her being there. I'd missed her.

Oh, and the panels I went to? None. I spent my entire time socializing and it was good.

1. To read more about the types of steel, you can read Doug's Broadsword Making Page or Metallurgical Analysis — Grades of Steel.
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