Torin/Darren WhoEver (wolfieboy) wrote,
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Switch meeting canceled; k_crow access to LJ blocked

so, if anyone was planning on going to the Switch meeting tonight at the 'Spot, cindygerb and I have canceled it due to it being the day after Easter.

In other news, k_crow has no access to livejournal from work anymore:
Well, damn, my workplace has now cut off my access to Livejournal. So, that will no longer work as a way to coordinate plans, and it's going to seriously cut into my ability to keep up with my friends list. I'm not sure how badly it will just yet, we'll see as the week goes on. Just letting you know this because I had your email addresses in my address book, and if you could please pass this along to other folks, I'd appreciate it.
Here's hoping they figure out that LJ is okay to access after all...
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