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Morrigan is not well

We're not quite sure what is wrong with her but Morrigan is not doing well. We noticed this last night when she just sat down and rested inside of the catbox. This is not her normal behaviour. :) We picked her up and put her down on the carpet and she just laid there. She purred when we petted her but wasn't interested in moving much. She also didn't seem to be grooming herself like she normally did.

So, we took her to the vet today. The only available appt was at 10:30, so I missed some work. It is likely that she is anemic and she seems to have an enlarged right kidney. Dr. Deeb (our vet) took two vials of blood and is going to get the "full feline panel". Essentially testing for everything under the sun. The vet was worried about it costing too much but when the difference between the basic blood work of $43 and the complete blood work of $78 is so small, I'm not worried about it. I was worried that it was going to cost similar to what blood work for humans costs.

We'll find out tomorrow what might be wrong.
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