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Quest for no content

In my continuing quest to have no real content in my journal, I present the following:

  • The first is from Something Positive. First, you'll need the background of yesterday's comic. While that is disturbing, today's comic almost made me split my gut. I fell off my chair from laughing so hard and almost peed in my pants. Maybe I wouldn't've found it so funny if I hadn't idolized Jane Goodall in my youth.
  • The next bit is something that I really must resist buying. I present to you, ferret clothes. cindygerb liked the bomber jacket the best. It came from ferretlovers
  • And finally, there is You might be from Seattle if… I see they have my favorite, "Know more people who own boats than air conditioners.".

Okay. Okay I yield. A little bit of content.
My mom is in the hospital. She had a bowel resectioning. We're not too worried about her since she's past the operation and she's pretty healthy.

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