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Fun as well as regrets

Much fun was had at Dim Sum this morning. We had eleven people, myself, queenofstripes, aekajin2, maida_mac, niac and their two sons, cooncat, jw1776, jenk, and lj-less Richard. The food was good and there were no leftovers although I grabbed some things as we went for cindygerb since she was at work. It was amusing that the owner, his wife, the head-waiter, and one of the waitresses each asked where cindygerb was. She's popular, I guess. I hope I wasn't rude in ignoring anyone since I spent most of my time chatting with queenofstripes.

She and I continued to chat while I dropped off food to cindygerb and I was driving out to drop her off at runnerwolf's place (yes, it's many others place as well) to drop her off and we chatted even more. Finally, she had to go do things and I left. PV, remember that the name of the book is Mind Tools by Rudy Rucker. I'd originally planned on going home first I realized I didn't have time for that before picking up cindygerb, so I stopped at WizKids in Redmond that digibri had recommended once and headed to Cindy's work. From there, we went to Fred Meyer's and finally bought ourselves a metal coat rack again. Yeah! We had planned on exercising but I didn't have an exercise shirt and we were both rather tired.

The biggest regret that I have about today is that I didn't call my mom. I'll have to make sure and do that tomorrow. I feel like a bad son. bad wolfieboy. /me bops self on nose with newspaper.
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