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Modernism, Post-Modernism, Post-Post-Modernism

I need to rant a bit about Modernism. I'm not going to go after the easy targets like the concentration of form over content, the realization that "Wow! Maybe I can't communicate the same idea to everyone" or even the elitist viewpoint of "if you can't understand it, you're just not intelligent enough" (or maybe you just aren't a good author. Ahem.). I'm going to take a someone modernist approach to attacking Modernism by attacking the name rather than the content. I mean really, what sort of name is "Modernism". That seems almost like naming the current decade, "Now". It's the Now-Decade. When the whole Existentialist "Oh, woe is me" viewpoint of Modernism becomes passé and boring, we have Post-Modernism.

I can get into Post-Modernism a bit better. I like the gig of putting real content into a story and that content knows about its structure yet still has content. One of my favorites of these is This'll Kill Ya by Harry Willson. It's a playfulness and willfulness that is absent in Modernism. One doesn't have to answer "Why?" in Post-Modernism and One doesn't have to capitulate to Reason. Finally, "reality" is consigned to it's appropriate place in quotes. But I really wish the name that had been chosen for such was better. I can see that Post-Modernism is really named well since it is what happens when you stop caring so much about all the things important to Modernism. But the name is too easy and invites certain follow-ons that aren't as fun. Could the term Post-Post-Modernism be anymore hackneyed? Are the people coming up with these terms spending all their time being obtuse and therefore they have no creative energy left for a decent name.

To paraphrase a really nifty person, if you're going to tell the current artistic movement that they are full of shit, at least do it with style. I'd spend five minutes of my time coming up with a better name for Post-Post-Modernism if I didn't spend all my time trying to figure out what it is.

Possibly I should take the memetic warfare viewpoint, come up with Post-3Modernism, come up with a decent name for it and propagate that. But that would be a lot of time on something useless that I'm not that thrilled about. If I had that much time, I rather do something useless that I'd love to spend time in.

Or perhaps I just have Acute Transcognitive Disorder.

So, could any of you literary types out there actually explain Post-Post-Modernism to me? (Or even tell how I'm way off the mark on any of the statements here.)
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