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It's just a drill - in Seattle

I received the following e-mail from work last Thursday but I didn't think of posting about it until now.
On May 12th just before noon here in Seattle there will be a simulated radiological bomb explosion in the 2900 block of Airport Way near the Tully's roasting plant. There will be no actual traffic closures, just simulated one's, however, there will be a lot of flashing lights, some sirens, and a lot of emergency personnel in moon suits staging in the area - IT IS JUST A DRILL.
Seattle's Emergency Operations Center will be in full response and will simulate response and recovery for a two-day period followed by a few days of ongoing evaluation and other scenario testing drills.
More information about this exercise can be found at:
Seattle Participates in a Federal Anti-Terrorism Exercise
One of the amusing bits about this is that directly next door to this entire shindig is a pottery store. I hope most of the stuff in on floor…
It seems to me that one of the best things for a would-be terrorist to do tape all of this and study the tape looking for flaws and omissions. You can be sure that FEMA and friends will be doing the same. At the very least, the procedures developed to block the flaws will be newer than all the others...
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