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Holy Collections, Pedantic Boy!

In wonderful, bouncy news, it seems that kimberly_a and shannon_a are coming up here for about a week for vacation. Yeah! I'm really looking forward to this.

Coming up to Seattle to live is catling. She'll be staying with us for a little while as she gets her bearings. Even more funness!

In a bit more mundane news, I was finally able to find some size 14 Tevas to replace the ones I've got already. It's not easy find shoes for a 14EEEE foot.

cindygerb and I finally saw X2 today. It was very enjoyable. Definitely better than the first. So, do you think they might be laying seeds for the third movie. The cat licking wolvie's claws was rather nice.

Well, she and I went to dinner after the movie and you know what comes after a date of movie and a dinner. It's time to go upstairs...
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