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A book I just finished, ended with
And I'm learning that you have to make time for what's important. You have to fight to carve little pieces of happiness out of your life, or the everyday emergencies will eat up everything.
I think I've been letting the everyday emergencies take over my life lately. My posting to LJ has been light, even for me. I know there are days and periods of days that I've completely missed on LJ due to not reading. There have been events and parties that if I'd been more social, I would've enjoyed. Thankfully, my time with cindygerb hasn't suffered; but I think that's the only thing. I think I even need to spend more time with Sally, our puppy...

Based on my sociability and the amount of fiction I've read, I'd almost think that I'm depressed but I have nothing to be depressed about. I've thought about this a bit and I think that they are co-incidental rather than correlational. I think it's just been a run of good books and lulls in socialness.

But I'm going to try to carve out more time for LJ if I can and possibly I'll read less but that should be okay. I've finished 2.5 books in the last week, two of which were rather long. I'm going to try for at least a State of the Torin each morning if nothing else.

Should be interesting, we'll see what develops.
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