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Latest update on Morrigan

Cindy has taken her to a pet care facility in Lynnwood near Alderwood mall. While it seemed like she was doing better, her paw pads were very pale and while driving there, her breathing was becoming labored.
When they examined her, they found that her abdomen was full of blood. They are going to take X-rays of her chest to see if she has a tumor there. If so, she will probably be dead by dark. If not, they are going to see what else they can do.

This is going to be rather expensive but she's worth it.

Bleuagh. We've had Morrigan for 13 years and we've always told her, "Psst. Don't tell the others but you're my favorite." She's always been scarily intelligent and the most loving. If either of us was crying, she was sure to come up, purring, and fall against us.

We'll find out what happens and tell you. I hoping that it is something that can be fixed.
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