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Morrigan is dead

Well, Morrigan went through two cardiac arrests that they were able to pull her out of and her breathing continued to be labored. She went into what seemed to be a coma at the time that I was heading North to the clinic. But by the time I got there, Morrigan was purring in Cindy's lap and lifted her head at my voice. She obviously had some sort of brain damage though since there was no response in her eyes.
The vet said we could take her home and she could go in 1 hour, she could go in 4. I decided that it would be better to euthanize her there at the vet so that she could die with us holding her. We took a few last pictures with the digital camera and I'll post those later. Finally, we asked the vet to go ahead and she was given a shot into an already present catheter and was gone very quickly.
We'll bury her in our back yard this weekend.
Cindy and I are writing something titled "Morrigan is Gone" that you'll see at some point.
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